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Sessions & Meetings

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
FedIGS Meetings (Closed)
Elgin Room

9:30 – 11:00 am (Final Session Block)
Geomembrane Damage During Oil and Gas Operations: Two Perspectives from a Real-World Dispute
Dominion North

  • Prof. Tim Stark & Prof. Jorge Zornberg present opposing sides from this challenging case
  • INTERACTIVE: The audience serves as “the jury”

  • Results announced in the closing ceremony!

Dominion South

Numerical investigation of the interaction of back-to-back MSE walls — Fuxiu Li

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls Using Geosynthetics for Bridge Abutments – Costa Rican Experience — Chris Muñoz Cardoza

Experimental study on a new type of FBG-3D printed geogrid in embankment reinforcement — Mengxi Zhang

Roads & Railways 4
Provincial North

Use of Geosynthetics on Forest Roads — Gordon Keller

Life cycle costs and mid-term performance of a geogrid-stabilized pavement section, an economical and sustainable approach, case study, RN-39 Honduras — Javier Castro

Village Road Restoration in Electrical Steam Power Plant Area in Banten, Indonesia through Embankment Reinforcement using Geoframe Technology — Dandung Sri Harninto

Geosynthetic Solutions for Road Stabilization and Railway Ballast Optimization over Frost Susceptibleand Expansive Clays: A Case Study of the Cargill Canola Processing Facility —Rene Laprade

Base reinforcement on the railway platform at the Buenos Aires Retiro station — Lizeth Ardila

Infrastructure improvement 3
Provincial South

High-Strength Georgics for Embankment over Piles, Viaduct “Servo de la Nacion”, Mexico — Oscar Escamilla

Reinforcement of piling platforms with Geogrids over dewatered docks with very soft soils – Wood Wharf, Isle of Dogs, London — Patricia Guerra-Escobar

Bearing capacity of strip footings seated on reinforced granular layers over undrained soft clay — Richard Bathurst

Use of Geogrid Reinforcement Behind CIP Cantilever Retaining Wall to Relieve Earth Pressure — Sachin Mandavkar

Evaluation of Mechanisms Acting in Geosynthetic-Reinforced Load Transfer Platforms over Piled Embankments Using Transparent Soil Technique — Fernando Portelinha

Working application of prefabricated vertical drains (PVD’s) as excess pore pressure dissipators from dynamic compaction activities — Francisco Baez

Geosynthetic Properties 3
City Hall Room

Evaluation of the Performance of Bituminous Geomembranes (BGMs) as Vapour Barriers —Antara Arif

Performance Benefits of White Formulation HDPE Geomembranes — Borja Nanton

Lifetime considerations of geotextile UV exposure before installation — David Beaumier

Bender Element Sensor Technology to Quantify Local Stiffness Enhancements of Geogrid–stabilized Aggregate Specimens — Erol Tutumluer

Unconfined interfacial friction of Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats — George Koerner

Resistance and Durability of High-Strength Geotextile Bags for Hydraulic Works — Gustavo Fierro Rojas

Degradation behavior of stressed polyester reinforcing products under alkaline conditions embedded in emulsions and soils — Oliver Detert 

11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Closing Ceremony
Grand Ballroom

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