GeoAmericas 2024 Sponsorship & Booth Request Form

Per International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Guidelines, trade show booth space will be offered exclusively to IGS Corporate Members for one month (September 7 – October 4, 2023). 

View the Exhibit Hall Map and use the form below to enter your booth priority selections.  

    • Put one booth number in each consecutive field.

    • Beginning with your first choice. You will receive the highest choice on your list based on your company’s seniority.

    • Because choices are assigned based on IGS Corporate Member seniority, it is essential and required for you to make all 5 choices.

    • As noted on the map, the following booths may only be selected if you are purchasing the corresponding sponsorships: Platinum Booths #52 & 41; Gold Booths #71, 51, 50. 40, 39; and Silver Booths #58, 56, 54, 26, 25, and 24

    • IGS Corporate Member booth assignments will be sent out during the week of October 9th